I was practically forced to move to a Windows 7 phone a year ago, as my company changed an Exchange host and my BlackBerry was no longer an option.

At first it was awful, no Icelandic characters, no copy / paste. Then Mango came along with some improvement.

My phone is an LG, probably with a better screen and keyboard then most, but again it seems that Nokia have added a few features.

What makes the Windows 7 Phone frustrating are, at least, the following issues. Perhaps version 8 has some improvement, but there is a lot to be done before Windows is practical on a phone.

So what are the problems I am hoping will be fixed?

Here are a few examples:

  1. It is impossible to group apps, they are either pinned to the start page or alphabetalized. No arranging, sub folders or groups.
  2. My BlackBerry would light a small red LED light when I have a message, No bugging sound and no need to constantly open my phone to check for messages.
  3. There is no way to copy regular files, you need to use e-mail or SkyDrive or an 3rd party app.
  4. You cannot copy/paste (or directly) call a number from a message, or other applications.
  5. Zune only syncs predefined document types.
  6. The back button is like an eccentric cat, you never know what it brings up. Sometimes is backs within an application, sometimes it switches application.
  7. Messages cannot be zoomed in (or out).
  8. Making a phone call takes too many steps.
  9. When you turn on the phone the screen saver jumps up partly and back down. Three times. This design team must have been up very late at night.
  10. The keyboard is of course far slower than a real keyboard.
  11. The screen goes blank during a call.
  12. There is no way to use a presentable e-mail signature, no font changes, not to mention small graphics. Another probably-very-very-late-at-night design decision to default to “Sent from my ..”. Who really thought that it was important for the receiver of a message to know what equipment was used to send the message?
  13. IE favourites are too far-fetched.
  14. Flash pages are not available, but I guess that can be forgiven.
  15. Occasionally a single page is stuck as my “default” page in IE.
  16. Notes from Outlook are not accessible.
  17. Only basic tasks from Outlook are accessible.
  18. The maps have a problem with locarl characters, making local addresses almost impossible.
  19. No, or poor, Google Maps access.
  20. Multitasking is incomprehensible. Sometimes apps seem to be sitting in the background, draining my battery, when I thought I had turned it off.
  21. SugarSync is not available. All right, not Microsoft’s or LG’s fault.
  22. Most icons are small, and no help available.
  23. As the number of applications grow, an alphabetical grouping appears. And this feature is turned on without asking me if I want this. And once in, there is no way to get rid of it.
  24. You cannot see the total length of a phone call.
  25. You cannot group phone calls into threads.
  26. If I miss a phone call from a person with more than one of home, work and or mobile number – it does not suggest to call the number last call. I have to guess (or read a small print before returning the call).
  27. The system is constantly rearranging my main menu. Without asking. Adding shortcut and deleting as well. I asked about this and was told that my only option was to return to factory settings, losing all my data.
  28. You cannot send contact information / card.
  29. You cannot correct one single character in a message. I do understand Nokia has fixed this.
  30. You cannot store locations in the map system.
  31. You cannot prepare your travel from your laptop / home computer and access places in maps.
  32. A document received by e-mail cannot be edited.
  33. When I connect my phone to charge it plays an annoying tune.

I have a feeling that the whole thing is designed for people who actually like the “cute” search puppy in Windows