Perhaps there is an easy way to get Trump out of office.

Somehow the attention is not so much on his racist executive orders, the morons he is appointing in key positions, the tax cuts for the filthy rich, the health care hazards, deals with regimes that violate human rights or the cuts to science, only his incompetence trying to revoke healthcare gets some attention.

The attention seems to focus on his random and clumsy insults, non-words, making an ass of himself on video tweets, self-pitying rants, who wants to hold his hand (and who doesn’t), who shakes his hands and how.

Remember this is a guy who made “reality” TV shows featuring himself as a tough business man, when reality suggests that he was an incompetent wimp playing away daddy’s money.

As the presidency increasingly looks like a cheap reality show, perhaps the most effective way is stop watching and stop paying attention to his stupid tweets and speeches. He probably is not looking for power and surely he as no interest in “making America great again” – never sure whether he intended to make El Salvador, Chile, Argentina or Canada great again, or that he doesn’t know that there are more countries in America than the US.

But, perhaps, as soon as he doesn’t get attention he will probably lose interest and walk away like a three-year-old in a tantrum that nobody notices.

Let him fire himself.